Microsoft Kaizala App Shixako e Download Karvani Jarur Nathi :- ABP ASMITA NEWS

Microsoft Kaizala App Shixako e Download Karvani Jarur Nathi :- ABP ASMITA NEWS

Microsoft Kaizala: A communication and productivity tool for India’s mobile workforce

By Microsoft News Center India 26 July, 2017

How do you bring quality healthcare to over a billion people across India? That was the challenge Anurag Vohra, Chief Technology Officer, Apollo Tele Health Services had in front of him.

“Since doctors cannot reach every nook and corner of India, Apollo is setting up tele-clinics in all remote locations possible. At these tele-clinics, people can walk in and take consultations with family physicians or if needed, even our specialists via video conferencing,” Vohra says.

However, having operations and staff in remote locations comes with its own set of challenges. First of them is the ability to capture operational data from every tele-clinic remotely and ensure that things are running as they should. More importantly, not everyone in the field had access to a PC and even those who had one could only respond when they were logged into the system.

Vohra and his team wanted something more real-time – a mobile tool that was convenient for their field workers to use on the move and for the backend team to be able to compile reports quickly and act on them.

Apollo Tele Health Services is not alone when it comes to requiring a convenient, secure, and mobile tool for a remote work management environment.

Starting today, Microsoft Kaizala is available in India as a free download on iOS and Android phones. Microsoft Kaizala Pro is available to purchase standalone at a list price of INR 130 per user per month. Current Office 365 customers should contact theirMicrosoft representative for additional information

Microsoft Kaizala Microsoft Kaizala Pro

1:1 and hierarchical group chat
Media and document sharing
Built-in Actions for polls, surveys, and announcements
Work management
Offline and 2G support All the benefits of Microsoft Kaizala, plus:

Organization group management
User management (remove users from groups and wipe group data from device)
Create public groups
Publish custom Actions
Advanced reporting and analytics
System integration and automation using Kaizala APIs

Both, Microsoft Kaizala and Microsoft Kaizala Pro, integrate with Microsoft Office 365.

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