How To Apply Marriage certificate Gujarat ?

We know marrige certificate is important so today you get all information how to apply marrige certificate gujarat 2020. All process are step by step and easy way.

So let's see what's document are important to apply marrige certificate or how to apply marrige certificate. Also, what is the benefits and importance of marriage certificate.

How To Apply Marriage certificate Gujarat ?

To apply marrige certificate first of you need to Collect all documents given below.

What documents are required for marriage registration?

This all documents are must important for apply marrige certificate gujarat so carry all documents.

Proof of age: - School leaving certificate, birth date example

Proof of Identity: - Passport, Election Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Photo Affidavit if there is no Aadhaar proof.

Proof of Marriage: - The brink of marriage, marriage rites, marriage

 Evidence of witnesses: Two witnesses are required, they have passport, election card, driving license, PAN card (true copy) for identity proof, photo affidavit if there is no evidence to support it.

Photos: - Husband, wife sign below to take photos in fixed form

Fees: - Certificate is available in Gujarati and English language, Rs / - in one month of marriage, Rs 5 / - up to 3 months after payment of more than 1 month, plus Rs. 5 / - per copy.  Living.

Agreement stamp: - Two stamps of Rs. 1 / - should be applied on both the front pages and the spouse must sign.

So this is the completed Information how to apply marrige certificate gujarat 2020. So must share with all because its useful for everyone who married.

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