EPIC will be downloadable on mobile or in a self printable form on the computer

EPIC will be downloadable on mobile or in a self printable form on the computer oe - EPIC will have two QR codes: one with static data of photo and demography and the second with details of serial number, part number, name of AC and  address etc (b) e - EPICometer, a dashboard for monitoring c - EPIC downloads will be created on the ECI / CEO websites (c) Participation of National & State Icons and Partnership with other stakeholders to Spread Awareness: All FCI icons shall be posting  about the innovation on social media platforms with appropriate hash - tags and tagging the Commission's official social media handles.  Educational Institutions, Civil Society Organizations etc to be involved 2. Comprehensive Communication Plan:

The successful conduct of Bihar Elections during the COVID 19 pandemic may be shown as a key model.  The extensive use & availability of masks, sanitizers, PPE kits etc.  for ensuring all forms of safety may be highlighted 11 The State Icons may be engaged (through recording of audio - video messages) to spread awareness about safety measures & protocols adhered to by the Commission during elections which will help build confidence and motivate voters for participation

CEOs and DEOs may use phone - ins on Radio & Television to engage with & respond to voters.  BLOs may participate in phono - ins in Community Radio to address queries at Community level V All forms of media i.c.  print, audio - visual, outdoor advertisement FM radio, television, SMS, e - mails, social media, cultural troupes etc.  may be utilized for awareness & propagating theme.  vi Propagation of NVD theme through various Government schemes and programs vii.  The NVD theme & related messages in the form of posters and banners should be prominently displayed in the offices of the CEO, DEO, ERO and the VFCs.  A Print Advertisement shall be brought out on 25 January highlighting the theme IV vili 4. Different Platforms:

In the COVID scenario, maximum use of Digital & Electronic media should be made for SVEEP.  Partnerships should be explored with all Social Media platforms, cellular, telephone and cable networks in the region to run SVEEP messages related to registration / poll day, physical distancing sanitization and respiratory hygiene.  5. Use of Technology: IT tools may be suitably used for information dissemination & motivation as well as for facilitation of electors and voters.  Keeping in vicw the present theme, following may be transmitted through 360 degree communication.

The Booth Level Officers (BLOs) in cach polling station area shall felicitate the newly registered voters with a badge "Proud to be a Voter Ready to voter and EPIC on NVD in a brief ceremony, NVD pledge to be taken. If possible, the event  DEO may provide the logistics required for the brief ceremony in cach polling station area Video and other creatives to be shared extensively on print and audio - visual media, Alternatively, ECI films or other awareness films prepared by State or District.  on EVM / VVPAT. Registration, and Inclusioncanalso be shown at the ceremony, in local language (b) At District HQs, The DEO shall organize the NVD function at the District headquarters / virtually, in association with Panchayat, organizations, academic institutions, civil  society groups, organizations of youth volunteers like NSS, NCC, Scouts & Guides, NYKS, modia etc. He shall felicitate the newly registered voters with a badge and EPIC on NVD in a br.  ief ceremony.  NVD pledge to be taken il.  Awareness films on EVM VVPAT Registration and Inclusion in local language shall be shown (c) At State HQs: 1.  Spreading awareness about c - EPIC, online facility for obtaining EPIC in a digital from and e.  EPIC can be downloaded from Voter helpline app after secure authentication il.  CEO organizes NVD function at the State capital / virtually in association with Media Civil Society, Volunteer Groups State Administration, State Election Commission & Corporates etc.  Awareness films on EVM VPAT, Registration and Inclusion in local language shall be shown iv.


Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 '(NVD - 2021).


ઓફિશિયલ પરિપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

A page on service voter portal will be provided to service voters for uploading their photos and updating their mobile number and email id.  Participation of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) & Senior Citizens: PwD App to be popularized, Reaching out through credible CSOs working for PwDs & different communication channels, spreading awareness on AMF & postal ballot provision for senior citizens & marked PwDs in addition to provision of  c - EPIC Participation of Overseas Voters: C - EPIC to be provided to overseas voters after verification / updating of existing database.  Youth Participation: Awareness through digital, clectronic & social media, engagement through online games and competitions at all levels.  Women Participation: Setting up of special registration desk for women electors at polling station, women centric activities and awareness about COVID measures can be taken up.  Awareness activities may be carried out with Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs) and VAFs.  through online sessions.  

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