Poster color pictures of awareness of corona in children

Poster color pictures of awareness of corona in children when school is starting


Download PDFs to print useful posters so that children in schools are aware of covid-19 and do not have to give instructions frequently.

There is no such area of ​​life which Gita has not touched, there is no such problem of life which cannot be solved by Gita.  The Gita is a form of the divine-grandest fantasy of living life.  The Gita was sung to Arjuna, but its purpose was far reaching.

The song was sung so that we could live.  To be happy in profit and loss, in happiness and sorrow and even in odd circumstances.  Gita clarified the very mysterious principle of karma and said that purification of emotion is the purification of karma.  Not important what you do?  But this is how we do it.

Today, man is suffering from many problems of life.  Those who have the means of happiness are unhappy and those who do not have it are also unhappy.  Although there is a medicine for every merge here, the problem comes here is what is merge?  The Gita also tells disease and medicine.  Your sadness becomes Prasad, this is the lesson of the Gita.

Listen to Gita - Choose Gita.  Read the Gita- Go ahead.
!!  Congratulations to all of you on Geeta Jayanti !!

         If it does 100% this year and there is no problem, then every year the government can bring a rule of 100% to solve the question of new recruits and transfers.

Only 5% of schools in urban areas have merged.  There are vacancies in urban area municipality and corporation ..... and the teachers who will come in urban area will come from rural area i.e. district .. and district vacancies will be vacant .. maybe if they do the second round of transfer in many districts  Teachers can come ..
Think twice .......
There are no vacancies this year so don't think of making an effort. If 100% is implemented this year, the government will come to mind. 100% change of district does not cause any financial loss or political loss.  Can apply .....

So if you try, you will get the fruit you need ...

If you have tried this year, there is a 100% chance that this rule will be implemented in the coming years.

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